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Ontario Mayor Warns Students They Could Be Fined At Least $880 If They Don't Stop Partying

Fines will start "sooner than later."
Toronto Staff Writer
Ontario Mayor Warns Students They Could Be Fined At Least $880 If They Don't Stop Partying

Next time you're out, you might want to skip the party. Ontario university students are being warned they could face hefty fines for hosting large gatherings as COVID-19 cases continue to spike amongst young people. Fines could be at least $880. 

London Mayor, Ed Holder, took aim against Western University students on Tuesday, criticizing the group’s reckless behaviour.

The post-secondary institution has confirmed at least eight cases of COVID-19 since the school year resumed, many of which have been linked to parties hosted at downtown bars.

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Videos of students partying in London’s downtown core were posted and showed large crowds of young people gathered together.

"It gets to a point where people have to just start to imagine that the impacts of their behaviours has tremendous potential for fallout with so many, from their families to their friends. And this is a case in point," Holder told CBC.

"And I think that ultimately, particularly those who think they're invulnerable have got to realize that if we can't educate them through learning, we'll educate them through their pocketbook, and that will be pretty much a wake-up call," he added.

The mayor noted that fines starting at a whopping $880 could be handed out to students who participate in future incidents.

These fines will be handed out "sooner than later if that's what it takes."

Since multiple cases have been confirmed, swarms of students lined up for hours to get tested after Western University's COVID-19 outbreak was declared.

Western’s testing centres can test 220 students per day. However, that number was hit with the first hour of being open.

Premier Doug Ford has also personally called out Ontario university students for partying, threatening to lay down the hammer against them.

"I feel like a dad preaching to the kids and I don't want to be that way but it's critical."

Ford also asked neighbours to snitch on each other if they witness large gatherings taking place.

    Patrick John Gilson
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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