Toronto's top doctor did not pull punches when talking about holiday gatherings and the effect they've had on Ontario's COVID-19 numbers in the province.

Toronto's Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa told reporters on Monday that Ontario's high numbers are the "consequence" of too many people gathering together over the holidays.

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COVID-19 is now spreading at levels so serious that's it hard to describe.

Dr. Eileen de Villa

"At this point, we're past shame and blame. We have some hard truths to face," Dr. de Villa said at the press conference.

Dr. de Villa specifically mentioned holiday gatherings as a reason for why numbers were so high, and she cautioned Ontarians that just because they might survive COVID-19, doesn't mean others will as well.

"It's not fair that someone should die of COVID-19 because the rest of us didn't try hard enough to avoid it," she said.

"The measures are meant to help people keep apart, but they aren't magic." Dr. de Villa explained. "Measures only work when people work within them."

A recently released poll conducted by Leger and the Canadian Press reported that 53% of Ontario respondents said they had visited family or friends outside of their household over the holidays.

This was the highest percentage of any province or territory in Canada, the survey said.

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