Think before you drink. A new Toronto contract tracing example shows how a night out led to more than 80 exposures to COVID-19. 

The city's public health agency shared the real-world example on their Twitter page showing how one night out has sent a number of people in Toronto into self-isolation. 

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The chart shows that at the first bar, 13 confirmed cases of COVID-19 led to two new infections, as well as at least 17 low-risk contacts. 

Then the two new cases from the first bar went to another spot leading to at least one high-risk exposure and 29 low-risk contacts.

After that, those two infected individuals went to a third establishment. That resulted in five more new cases of the virus as well as exposure for 17 high-risk contacts and 23 low-risk contacts. 

Toronto Public health says that contract tracing shows that 20 cases of the COVID-19 came from this one night. It also caused 80 people to self-monitor, self isolate and get tested. 

They also say the situation is still unfolding, so more cases could be discovered. 

Ottawa Public Health reported a similar scenario recently where a 40 person BBQ in the park exposed over 100 people to the virus and caused several confirmed cases. 

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