Toronto's mayor had some strong words for outgoing president Donald Trump after the U.S. Capitol siege that took place on Wednesday.

John Tory said "the most appropriate word is sad" on Breakfast Television Thursday morning, describing the events that unfolded.

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When you see signs of division, your job is to calm it. Mr. Trump was whipping it up for a long time.

Mayor John Tory

"Thank goodness they went back into session last night, and that enablers of Trump said 'enough is enough.'"

Tory went on to mention that he was proud of the demonstrations Toronto had over the summer.

"They happened peacefully. We must not let that division and polarization in the U.S. happen here," he said to the outlet.

He spoke on social media and the role it played in spreading disinformation and fueling division:

"If you have a different point of view demonstrate it - but stop with the polarization and harsh language."

Wednesday's riots saw a mob of violent protestors storm the U.S. Capitol. Four people have since died, staffers and politicians were evacuated and multiple explosive devices were removed from the site, reports CBC.

Prime Minister Trudeau spoke on the events as well, saying that "Canadians are deeply disturbed and saddened by the attack on democracy in the United States, our closest ally and neighbour."

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