Sobeys has entered the chatroom and they brought poppies.

After Whole Foods banned poppies for Remembrance Day citing it failed to abide by their employee uniform rules, Sobeys took to Twitter to show off their poppy support

In a series of photos, the food chain displayed their pride in sporting the flower meant to remember veterans who serve in the war.

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Sobey posted multiple images displaying their pride in Remembrance Day and said that they are looking for new ways to continue on with the Remembrance Day spirit.

Canadians applauded the efforts of the company for speaking out.

"This is how we roll here in Canada. Shape up, or ship out," one Twitter user said

Canadian leaders have also spoken up about Whole Food's ban and quickly took to social media to publicly condemn the move.

Jagmeet Singh pointed out that this was not the first time he thinks Whole Foods has stepped out of line, comparing this to when they banned staff from showing support for Black Lives Matter.

Doug Ford equally called the decision 'disgusting and disgraceful' and demanded the company backtrack.   

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