A million dollars doesn't get you far in the city. These Toronto houses for sale show just how expensive the 6ix really is. 

If you're looking at becoming a homeowner, purchasing in the city might give you less than you bargained for. 

Living in just a regular house in Toronto can currently cost you around $1 million.

For this price, you can find yourself a mansion in other cities across the country. 

In fact, it was even reported that you have to be making around $135,000 a year in Toronto just to be considered middle class.

It's no wonder so many people are packing their bags and leaving Toronto to live elsewhere

Wychwood Semi

Price: $1,049,000

Address: 1093 Davenport Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: This modest three-bedroom semi-detached in the Wychwood neighbourhood is the price of what you'd expect a mansion to be.

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Red Brick 3-Bedroom

Price: $1,077,000

Address: 77 Marlee Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: This regular family home is going for over $1 million.

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Typical Detached Home

Price: $1,049,000

Address: 117 Morrison Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: This cute Corso Italia home is well put together, but for over $1 million dollars, it looks sad.

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Red Doored Semi

Price: $1,049,000

Address: 356 Soudan Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: This cute but unspectacular semi-detached home is way out of most people's price range.

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Seemingly Middle-Class House

Price: $1,049,000

Address: 10 Montye Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: This Bloor West Village house may look attainable with a regular paying job, but it's going for over $1 million.

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Regular Bungalow

Price: $949,000

Address: 26 Rockcliffe Blvd., Toronto, ON

Description: This Toronto bungalow looks too regular to cost this much.

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Ordinary 3-Bedroom

Price: $989,000

Address: 33 Donald Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: This ordinary house in Eglinton West is way more than some mini-mansions in Newfoundland. 

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Gladstone Semi

Price: $1,099,000

Address: 798 Gladstone Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: This space has been lovingly maintained and is in a great location, but also has a luxury asking price while looking pretty regular. 

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Tiny Bungalow

Price: $929,000

Address: 598 Ridelle Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: Is a tiny bungalow worth all that saving? Property value says yes. 

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