A walk along the water and a musical performance all at the same time. The singing sands in Basin Head, P.E.I. are definitely not what you expect to find at the beach. While they might not make the catchiest tune or be the most pleasing to the ears, it's pretty unique!

If you're at Basin Head beach, don't be surprised when you hear noises and squeaks coming from below your feet while you're walking.

Located in eastern P.E.I., there are actually two beaches at this musical spot.

One is smaller with gorgeous white sand while the other is huge and extends east for kilometres along the province's southern coastline which makes it perfect for doing long walks.

During the summer months, the water is blissfully warm but the real star throughout the seasons is really what's underfoot.

This place is known for having "singing sands" because it literally squeaks when you walk on it or move your hands through it.

That's because there's a high amount of silica and quartz in it.

All the singing it does is probably not Grammy worthy but it's still a fun natural phenomenon that's still not completely understood.

If you find yourself at this beach and want to hear this squeaky melody, the best thing to do is drag your feet or your hands through the dry sand.

That makes the footprints along the beach longer than what you would usually see.

According to the CBC, this has been called the "Basin Head shuffle" by locals. 

The singing sands are in Basin Head Provincial Park which is open for day use this year until October 4.

So there's still time to take a musical walk along the beach.

Canada's east coast is full of natural wonders like a trail that where you can hike with sheep in Newfoundland and an island off the coast of Nova Scotia that has more horses than humans.

Sometimes that uniqueness isn't always a good thing. 

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