Once again, the federal government is reminding Canadians that travelling outside Canada is seriously risky right now.

In a new tweet shared on January 11, Transport Canada confirmed that leaving the country right now could result in “extreme unexpected travel delays” upon a traveller’s return home.

Editor's Choice: A Nova Scotia Airport Just Became Canada's Loneliest With No Passenger Flights At All

With the new requirement for travellers to have a negative #COVID19 test to fly into Canada, you may face extreme unexpected travel delays.

Transport Canada

While there is no outright travel ban in place in Canada, federal officials continue to urge people to stay at home and avoid international vacations.

“#NowIsNotTheTime to travel,” reads the latest notice from Transport Canada.

Discretionary travel is particularly risky following an update to Canada’s travel rules. One new rule requires all incoming passengers to provide a negative COVID-19 test in the 72 hours before returning to Canada.

Getting a test may be particularly difficult in some countries, warns the government, which means some Canadian travellers could end up stranded abroad.

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly urged Canadians to avoid trips overseas during the pandemic, recently telling people that the country’s rules are “very clear.”

One spot that won’t have to worry about returning passengers anymore is Sydney airport in Nova Scotia, which recently became Canada’s loneliest airport.

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