Doritos is turning to TikTok to help spread the word on a newly reimagined retro snack that millennials will remember and Gen Z will love.

The famed chip company is now going to be offering a modern version of the '90s three-dimensional chip, "Doritos 3Ds," in stores across the country, but they are now looking to TikTok to help spread the word.

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What's exciting is that we didn't just bring back the original — we've evolved it to reflect the snacking trends of a new generation

Rachel Ferdinando with Frito-Lay North America

The company even brought back the original 'Doritos Girl,' Ali Landry, to help promote the highly-anticipated retro chip, now known as "Doritos 3D Crunch," which will usher all of us into a new era of three-dimensional snacking.

You might remember Landry from her famed "Laundromat" Super Bowl commercial for "Doritos 3Ds" from the year 1999.

Now, TikTokers will have a chance to show off their skills catching Doritos 3D Crunch chips in their mouth for an all-new challenge starting on December 28.

In order to enter the challenge, all you need to do is epically snag a 3D Doritos in your mouth and post it with #Doritos3DChallenge.

Just two flavor options will be offered: Spicy Ranch and Chili Cheese Nachos.

The chips will hit store shelves starting on December 28.

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