Joe Biden continues to make history by bringing his German shepherd, known as "Major," into the White House, making him the first-ever shelter pup to become First Dog.

Now the dog will make history yet again, by being the first dog to be "InDOGurated" by the Delaware Humane Association.

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Let’s put dogs back in the White House.

President-Elect Joe Biden 

The event will be held virtually on the video chat app Zoom and can be attended by anyone who makes a $10 donation to the shelter.

The "Indoguration" is being hosted by the Today Show's Jill Martin and you can also expect a special appearance from Sir Darius Brown, who at just 14-years-old founded Beaux & Paws, which creates and sells doggy bow-ties.

Having a dog is not required to attend the virtual event, but those with a pup are greatly encouraged to put them on camera so they can witness history being made for the doggy kingdom.

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