A judge is hearing Britney Spears' lawyer today at a Los Angeles courthouse regarding the pop star's request that she be freed from her father's legal grasps.

James Spears has been in control of a 12-year court conservatorship over his daughter's life and money, and Britney wants to remove him of this title once and for all.

Britney is expected to speak to the judge today over the phone, with her lawyer being physically present at the courthouse.

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Popular Los Angeles-based podcast "Britney's Gram" has been covering the conservatorship case for a long time, and are among those who organized rallies in support of Britney today.

Live updates from the scene have been posted to the website BreatheHeavy, and the podcast advises fans to keep checking for updates throughout the day.

The Los Angeles rally in support of Britney is happening today at 12:30 p.m. PST, and people have begun to gather at the other rallies happening in San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Las Vegas, New York City, New Orleans, and even overseas in Argentina. 

Fans have also started to gather at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles.

Similar rallies have been going on in support of the popstar in previous months, as the case got more and more heated (and especially after Britney herself seemed to acknowledge the wrongdoings).

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