The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in New York City closed on Monday afternoon due to high winds that were so extreme they made the bridge look, and sound, like it was breathing. 

The bridge bobbed up and down looking like if a breathing lung was a bridge, and sounded like an orchestra being conducted by a ghost.

Of course, it's a suspension bridge, and that's what suspension bridges do, so this event is not abnormal or necessarily dangerous, however, it IS...extremely disconcerting to see and hear.

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This thing sounds like the beginning chords in the opening shot of a dystopian film set in New York City.

It sounds like the bridge is recording a metal album, but it's confusing the music genre with the actual substance.

It sounds like a musical ghost with a horrible cold (even if it IS a regular bridge event!).

It sounds like the bridge just became sentient and decided it wanted to join a metal band but still has a long way to go until it realizes its own musical talents.

The closure prompted huge delays, causing some motorists to get out of their cars, but is now back open, and hopefully has given up its musical career for the week.

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