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Erin O'Toole Posed For A Thirst Trap On The Cover Of His Party Platform

With the 2021 federal election campaign in full swing across the board, Conservative Party Leader Erin O'Toole is causing a stir with a bit of an unconventional image on the cover of his party's 2021 platform.

The platform, which is available on the party's website, details commitments and plans the Conservatives will make if elected in this year's snap election, but the cover of the platform is more, um, eye-catching than anything inside.

The Conservative Party chose to present its platform, called "Canada's Recovery Plan" (Summer 2021 edition!), as if it was a GQ magazine, with O'Toole posing against a concrete wall and ditching his suit for a tight t-shirt and jeans.

Featuring "headlines" like "New Anti-Corruption Law," "Balancing The Budget," and — the feature — "The Man With The Plan," O'Toole seems like he's doing his best to channel some serious Mike Holmes energy and suggest that he might literally rebuild Canada with his bare hands.

Whether Canadians will respond to this thirst trap as well as they often respond to Justin Trudeau's is yet to be seen, but at least one person enjoyed the magazine-style cover.

"My wife loves the picture," O'Toole said at his recent platform announcement event, according to a Globe and Mail reporter.

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