Francesca Of 'Too Hot To Handle' Teased Exciting Wedding Updates & Dished About Having Kids

She says their wedding will be "huge."

Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan.
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Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan.

Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago is sharing how wedding planning is going with TikTok star Jesse Sullivan and when the couple plans to have kids.

Farago, who has been in three Netflix reality shows, shared the update in an interview with People and noted that she and Sullivan will be going big for their special day.

"We were debating for a while about if we wanted to go big or not," Farago told People.

"We decided we only do this once and to just go huge!"

The Perfect Match star also told the outlet that she and Sullivan are in the "beginning stages" of wedding planning but did note that they have a month picked out: May 2024.

The Canadian reality star, who was also briefly on Season 1 of Love Is Blind, and her fiancé are still trying to decide on the location, but it sounds like it will either happen somewhere in Italy or on Catalina Island in California to make it easier for their loved ones to come.

The couple recently went on a beautiful European getaway to Greece where they celebrated their two-year anniversary.

"Who would have thought when we met during pride month over a ZOOM that two years later we’d be wedding venue hunting in Greece," Farago wrote in her Instagram post.

Based on that post and another one from Farago, it looks like now a Greek wedding could also be on the table.

"Greece was amazing, the food, the service, the vibes. 10/10 considering getting married here," the reality star wrote in a post.

Farago and Sullivan met in June 2021 when Farago hosted a TikTok live during Pride Month and they were together by July of that year. They did break up, during which Farago went on Perfect Match, before getting back together.

The couple got engaged in May and have since shared their plans to freeze their eggs so they can have children in the future.

During her interview with People, Farago also gave an update on those baby plans and it looks like it could be happening shortly after their wedding.

"We want to get pregnant right after the wedding," Farago told People. Sullivan is already a dad to a 14-year-old named Arlo.

Now that we know a wedding month, hopefully, the couple will share once they have a set destination.

As for the next steps in their wedding planning journey, Farago says she will be going to Kleinfeld Bridal in New York with her friends in September to look for her wedding dress.

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