Maxime Bernier Held Another Canadian ‘Freedom Rally’ But Got Slapped With Hefty Fines

The event was held to protest COVID-19 related public health measures.

Maxime Bernier Held Another Canadian ‘Freedom Rally’ But Got Slapped With Hefty Fines
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People's Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier was slapped with a penalty of $2,800 on Saturday, after he went ahead with a "Freedom Rally" in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Several events, which Bernier describes as "Freedom Rallies," took place across southern and central Saskatchewan this weekend, with those involved speaking out against the province's latest public health measures.

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According to CTV News, the Saskatchewan government and its official opposition, as well as the region's minister of health, urged Bernier to cancel the protests due to COVID-19 concerns.

However, many of the demonstrations went ahead as planned, with Bernier apparently receiving fines of $2,800 for "speaking at the Freedom Rally" in Victoria Park on Saturday, May 7. He later posed with his ticket and smiled, while describing it as "unjust, unjustified and unconstitutional."

Police suggest that around 200 people were present at this particular event. A total of 16 penalties were issued for violations of the Saskatchewan Public Health Order.

The PPC leader, who planned the events and was a speaker at the protests, held a similar demonstration in Barrie, Ontario, back in April.

Helena Hanson
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