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9 Totally Bizarre & Uncomfortable Things That Have Happened To Justin Trudeau At G7 Summits

His "kiss" with Melania Trump in 2019 went viral!

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G7 Leaders' Summit: 7 Bizarre Things That Have Happened To Trudeau

Oops, Justin! With the latest G7 leaders' summit formally kicking off in Germany this week, Justin Trudeau may be reflecting on some of the stranger moments he's experienced during the conferences over the past few years.

From super-awkward kisses with Melania Trump and jokes with the queen, to being accused of going for a "fake" run outdoors and accidentally insulting a journalist, the Canadian PM has ended up in some pretty bizarre situations.

Here's a look at just a few of the moments that may have stuck in the prime minister's mind from G7 summits past and present. Oh, and get ready to experience a little second-hand embarrassment!

The "kiss"

In 2019, an uncomfortable interaction between Justin Trudeau and Melania Trump ended up going viral.

The former first lady was spotted leaning in a little too close to kiss the Canadian PM as she was greeting him, while also holding hands with her husband, Donald Trump. Yikes!

The fake run

That same year, the prime minister was accused of pretending to go for a jog in Biarritz, France, while attending the G7 summit.

A video clip of Trudeau running past a reporter ended up being shared all over the internet, with some social media users suggesting the jog was nothing more than a photo-op.

The family photo

In 2021, this extremely awkward "family photo" of several world leaders went viral for all the wrong reasons.

It was quickly turned into memes online, with Twitter users suggesting the group looked like the cast of The Avengers,The Bachelor or even contestants from America's Next Top Model.

The queen

Just like the rest of the world, it seems the queen was pretty amused by the socially-distanced G7 photos in 2021.

During a reception event, while attendees were posing for the socially-distanced leaders' photo, the queen joked, "Are you supposed to be looking as if you're enjoying yourself?"

The sculpture

When Trudeau arrived in England for the G7 summit last year, he probably didn't expect to be turned into a giant sculpture made from trash.

However, sculptor Joe Rush created the Mount Rushmore-style piece of art (which included Trudeau's face) to highlight the damage caused by the disposal of electronic devices.

The joke

Ever been forced to picture all of the G7 leaders naked? Well, get ready.

In 2022, a joke amongst some of the attendees led to U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggesting the group should take a photo "to show that we're tougher than Putin!"

Trudeau, in reference to those infamous topless pictures of Putin, then added, "We're going to get the bare-chested horseback riding display."

That wasn't the end of it either, with Johnson later saying, "There you go! There you go! We’ve got to show them our pecs!"

The tweet

In 2018, then-president Donald Trump made things pretty awkward post-summit when he described the Canadian PM as "meek and mild."

In a series of now-deleted tweets, the former leader totally roasted Trudeau, accusing him of being "dishonest & weak" and insulting the United States. Eek!

The insult

Trudeau was probably ready for the ground to swallow him up in 2021 when he accidentally insulted a British reporter during the G7 conference.

"The impacts of this G7 will be felt long after the newspapers you write for will have been used to wrap fish," he said, before immediately backtracking and joking that he couldn't repeat it in French because he "might get in trouble." Oops!

The plane

In 2022, the Canadian PM experienced yet another awkward conversation when Boris Johnson struck up a chat about who has the bigger plane.

Both seemed certain the other one had flown into Germany on a larger private jet — and their insistence is pretty cringeworthy to watch!

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