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Gem Mining In Tennessee Is The Activity You Didn't Know You Needed

When you go on vacations or you're just looking for something different to do for once, you need to suggest heading over to a gem mine so you can have a unique experience. You can actually go gem mining in Tennessee which isn't you're average weekend activity. 

Cooper's Gem Mine is located in Blountville, Tennessee and is a place that all of your friends, even bae, can enjoy. You'll be right in the Tennessee mountains which makes for a perfect background too. 

While you won't be handling a pickaxe and jabbing it in the side of the mountain, you'll still have a whole lot of fun finding exclusive and unique gems in your bucket. 

You'll start by picking out which bucket you want, and let us tell you, this will be the hardest decision you'll make all day. They have regular gem and mineral buckets and they also have fossil and arrowhead buckets.

If you decide to choose the original gem mining bucket, you'll get a sifter and you'll pour the contents of your bucket into it and then dip it in the water to see what surprises you'll get. 

A few gems you might discover are amethyst, pyrite, citrine, and ruby. The prices are also pretty great and run from around $7 to $16 for two and five-gallon buckets. The prices go up from there if you decide to get a bigger bucket. 

If this is right up your alley and you are looking for similar adventures, you need to head down to Georgia and actually get your hands dirty at this mining spot where you can find the pinkest crystals and this spot that has rainbow crystals that will be some of the coolest minerals you'll find. 

Cooper's Gem Mine

Price: $7+

When: Opens April 2020

Address: 1136 Big Hollow Rd., Blountville, TN 

Why You Need To Go: You'll be able to sift for gems, fossils and arrowheads at this Tennessee mountain location.