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Fire Is ‘Everywhere’ In Lytton Right Now & Greta Thunberg Is Speaking Up

Residents have been forced to flee the B.C. village that keeps breaking Canada's heat record.👇

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has spoken out after an entire Canadian village was evacuated due to "fire everywhere," as its mayor put it.

After breaking Canada's all-time heat record three days in a row, the B.C. village of Lytton became engulfed in flames on Wednesday night. The community of 250 people was forced to flee and many were forced to leave their belongings behind.

The village's mayor, Jan Polderman, told CBC News that the situation was "dire," adding, "The whole town is on fire."

The small B.C. village has obliterated national temperature records for three consecutive days, thanks to a heat wave impacting regions across Western Canada.

Greta Thunberg has been reacting to the conditions in Lytton via Twitter, warning that "This heat-wave is just getting started."

On July 1 — sharing an article about the fires in Lytton — the 18-year-old wrote, "...many media outlets fail to make the connection."

"Instead they show happy people on beaches, pools or playing in fountains," she continued. "Now scores of people have died from the heatwave and the record breaking Canadian town's on fire."

In a follow-up tweet, Thunberg added, "Not to mention how media so often fail to tell the stories of the most affected people in the most affected areas whose suffering mostly goes unheard."

This comes only days after she called out world leaders for "[continuing] to destroy present and future living conditions - opening new pipelines, oilfields and investing fantasy amounts into fossil fuel infrastructure, despite all the beautiful words."

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