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It’s official — Groundhog Day in Canada has arrived and some of the country’s most famous furry faces are making their predictions for the rest of the season.

Nova Scotia’s most iconic groundhog, Shubenacadie Sam, emerged from his slumber on February 2 at 8:00 a.m. and appeared to have good news for Canadians who hate winter.

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Upon waking up and exploring, Shubenacadie Sam failed to see his shadow.

According to folklore, this means spring-like weather is on the horizon for Canadians.

Per the tradition, if the groundhog does spot his shadow on the morning of Groundhog Day, the region can expect six more weeks of wintry conditions as he retreats into his burrow for an extended hibernation.

Sharing the good news, Shubenacadie Sam’s official Twitter page confirmed, “Whoa! No shadow to be seen through this storm! Can’t wait for early spring! Do storm showers bring spring flowers?”

Famous furry faces like Ontario's Wiarton Willie, Alberta's Balzac Billy, Quebec's Monsieur Fred and Manitoba Merv are also expected to make their projections today.

The promise that spring is unofficially on the horizon will be welcome news for winter-hating Canadians, especially with forecasts predicting freezing temperatures from coast to coast over the next month.

With a slew of Ontario storms hitting the province this week, some areas are already getting quite the dumping of rain.

As of Wednesday evening, Environment Canada had issued a total of 30 rainfall warnings across the province.

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