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Roll Up To Win Has A New Sharing Feature This Year & Here's What You Need To Know

Since every roll wins, you'll always be giving away a prize.
How Does Roll Up To Win Work? Here's How To Share Digital Rolls

Now that the contest is digital, you might be wondering how Roll Up To Win works, especially when you buy a coffee for someone else. Here's everything you need to know!

Tim Hortons introduced a new feature this year that lets you share rolls with friends and family if you bought an eligible item for them, or just want to be generous.

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Now that every roll wins, you'll be giving away a winner every time you share, but you forfeit all rights to a prize once you send it to someone.

If you have a good feeling about what prize you'll get, or accidentally sent it to the wrong person, you can get it back as long as it hasn't been revealed yet by clicking "Reclaim Roll" in the Roll Up Rundown on the app or website.

You don't have to spend any money to play, but if you're ordering eligible items from Tim Hortons, be sure you don't use your rewards points as you won't get any rolls.

To make sure you get your Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win prizes now that the game is over, you'll have to reveal and redeem them before certain dates or else they'll be gone forever.

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If you want to play Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win without spending any money, there's actually a way to do that.

While you have to have a minimum purchase of $0.50 with eligible orders to earn rolls, you can send a free mail-in request to get them with no purchase necessary.

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For Roll Up To Win this year, the Tim Hortons "please play again" tab has been retired and a playlist was created with a bunch of goodbye songs.

The Canadian coffee chain put out the playlist on Spotify so you can listen and give "please play again" a proper send-off. 

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Now that Roll Up To Win 2021 is underway, people are wondering why they're not earning rolls when they redeem Tims Rewards points or their winnings.

Tim Hortons has received a lot of questions about this on Twitter and they've set the record straight now.

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