Jagmeet Singh Says He Disagrees With His Brother-In-Law's Donation To The Freedom Convoy

His brother-in-law donated $13,000 to the GoFundMe.

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Jagmeet Singh Says He Disagrees With His Brother-In-Law's Donation To The Freedom Convoy

After it was reported that Jagmeet Singh's brother-in-law donated to the Freedom Convoy 2022, the NDP leader has said he disagrees with it and the convoy as well.

According to CBC News, an NDP source said that Singh's brother-in-law, Jodhveer Singh Dhaliwal, didn't fully get what the money would be used for when he donated $13,000 to the convoy's GoFundMe.

Once he understood the "true nature" of the organization, he started the process to get his money back. His name has also been hidden from the list of donors on the GoFundMe page.

In a statement sent to Narcity by the NDP, Singh said, "I unequivocally disagree with him about this donation and told him so."

Singh noted that he's against the convoy as well and against the "dangerous and divisive rhetoric" coming from it.

"I understand people are frustrated that we’re still in this pandemic two years later," he said in the statement. "The best way to get out of this pandemic, and to keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe, is to get vaccinated and to listen to public health experts."

The NDP leader said that the people who are part of the convoy don't represent the "hardworking, responsible truck drivers" who have helped Canadians throughout the pandemic.

"I am extremely concerned by the false information, the inflammatory, divisive and hateful comments coming out of this campaign," Singh said. "Canadians have a right to feel safe. We have to very clearly denounce hate and give it no air to breathe and no space to take hold."

Truckers are driving to Ottawa with the Freedom Convoy 2022 to protest government mandates like vaccination and lockdowns.

Justin Trudeau has called them a "small fringe minority" and said people who express these "unacceptable views" don't represent Canadians.

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