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James Smith Cree Nation Asks People Not To Donate To New GoFundMe Pages For Sask. Stabbings

Only one GoFundMe has been endorsed by James Smith Cree Nation.

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​RCMP vehicle in Saskatchewan.

RCMP vehicle in Saskatchewan.

After the Saskatchewan stabbings, James Smith Cree Nation has asked people not to donate to any new GoFundMe pages that are set up because they aren't official.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, which represents 74 First Nations in Saskatchewan, shared a statement on Twitter about fundraisers for those affected by the stabbings.

"Please be advised that the existing GoFundMe page created by Rob Clarke has reached its goal of $100,000 and will now close, concluding his involvement with the James Smith Cree Nation — Emergency Operations Centre (JSCN-EOC)," the statement said.

"The leadership of James Smith Cree Nation is grateful to all the donors who have contributed funds to support its affected members."

People were also asked to help "spread the word" that no other crowdfunding campaigns related to the Saskatchewan stabbings have been officially endorsed by James Smith Cree Nation or JSCN-EOC.

According to the statement, JSCN-EOC will release details of a new trust fund that will be established in the near future.

More than $110,000 has been raised by almost 2,000 donations in the GoFundMe endorsed by James Smith Cree Nation.

That money is set to help with the costs of funerals for the victims and counselling for the victims' families.

Early in the morning on Sunday, September 4, Saskatchewan RCMP received a report of a stabbing in James Smith Cree Nation, and several calls reported more stabbings at different locations minutes later.

Police said that some victims were targeted, but it's believed others were "attacked randomly."

Also, a Dangerous Persons Alert was issued for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta.

On Monday, September 5, Saskatchewan RCMP said the number of people hurt had gone up, with 10 people dead and 18 injured.

It was also reported that one of the suspects in the stabbings, Damien Sanderson, had been found dead. His body was found in James Smith Cree Nation, and his injuries are not believed to have been self-inflicted.

RCMP said the other suspect, Myles Sanderson, might be injured and could try to seek medical attention.

On Tuesday, September 6, police received reports of possible sightings of Myles Sanderson in James Smith Cree Nation, and people were told to shelter in place.

However, later that day, RCMP said that the investigation determined that he was not in the community, and the search for him is still ongoing.

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