Jim Carrey Says He's 'Fairly Serious' About Retiring From Acting & Here's Why (VIDEO)

"I have enough. I’ve done enough. I am enough."

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey

Canadian actor Jim Carrey has announced his plans to retire from acting, saying he's "done enough".

In an interview with Access Hollywood about his upcoming movie, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, the Canadian actor said he was "fairly serious" about ending his career.

When asked about his decision, Carrey said he wouldn't rule out a return to acting in the future for the right role, but at least for now he's "taking a break."

“If the angels bring some sort of script that’s written in gold ink that says to me that it’s going to be really important for people to see, I might continue down the road, but I’m taking a break,” he said.

Jim Carrey Says He's 'Retiring': 'I've Done Enough'Access | YouTube

The actor added that right now he's enjoying a "quiet life" and focusing on other forms of art such as painting.

“I really like my quiet life and I really like putting paint on canvas and I really love my spiritual life and I feel like — and this is something you might never hear another celebrity say as long as time exists — I have enough. I’ve done enough. I am enough,” he said.

However, there is someone Carrey may be willing to work with in the future. The Access Hollywood reporter noted that Carrey had reportedly been asked to star in the biopic of country music icon Dolly Parton as "her music partner, Paul Wagner."

"I would always speak to Dolly," Carrey added.

The Ace Ventura star also made headlines this week when he called Hollywood "spineless" for giving Will Smith a standing ovation at the Oscars shortly after slapping comedian Chris Rock during the ceremony. Carrey called Smith's act a "selfish moment."

However, following the interview, Carrey also came under public scrutiny when a Twitter user shared a clip from the 1997 MTV Movie Awards where the comedian appeared to kiss actress Alicia Silverstone without her consent.

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