Will Smith Lost It At Chris Rock Over A Joke About Jada's Baldness & The Oscars Muted Him

A hand was thrown!

Will Smith shouting at Chris Rock. Middle: Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. Right: Will Smith walking away after the slap.
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Will Smith shouting at Chris Rock. Middle: Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. Right: Will Smith walking away after the slap.


What just happened at the Oscars?

That was the question everyone was asking on social media late Sunday, after Will Smith blew up at Chris Rock over a joke about Smith's wife, Jada.

Smith marched on stage and appeared to strike Rock, then returned to his seat and shouted at the comedian, although his comments were censored from the broadcast.

The blow-up happened while Rock was introducing an award and cracking jokes about the audience. He mentioned Smith, then turned to Jada Pinkett Smith and seemed to make a joke about her bald head.

"Jada, I love ya!" he said. "G.I. Jane 2, can't wait to see it."

Rock seemed to realize the joke didn't land because he muttered "That was a nice one" to himself.

Then Smith stepped up on stage.

"Uh oh, Richard," Rock said, as the King Richard actor marched toward him.

Then Smith threw a hand. It's unclear if it connected with Rock, but the comedian recoiled and you could hear a mic pop at the moment of potential impact. It's also unclear whether it was a punch or a slap.

Smith then went back to his seat.

"Will Smith just smacked the s--- out of me," Rock said. Then the broadcast muted all sound, although an uncensored version of the clip has since surfaced online.

"Keep my wife's name out your f---ing mouth!" Smith shouted after returning to his seat.

"Wow dude! It was a G.I. Jane joke," Rock said.

"Keep my wife's name out your f---ing mouth!" Smith repeated.

"I'm going to, OK?" Rock said. There was a long, uncomfortable silence.

"That was the greatest night in the history of television," Rock finally said. He then went on with the presentation, though he was clearly rattled.

So yeah. It got a bit heated.

Jada Pinkett Smith revealed a few months ago that she's been dealing with hair loss, and she recently decided to embrace it.

"Me and this alopecia are gonna be friends ... period!" she wrote on Instagram in December 2021.

It was the most dramatic moment of the night — and far more dramatic than the 2016 Oscars when Rock was the host.


Less than an hour after striking Rock on stage, Smith was back up there to accept the Oscar for Best Actor. He gave a lengthy speech about how love "will make you do crazy things," and eventually apologized to the Academy and to his fellow nominees.

"I hope the Academy invites me back," he said.

He didn't apologize to Rock.

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