An Old Video Of Jim Carrey Is Getting Backlash After He Called Will Smith's Actions 'Selfish'

He appeared to kiss Alicia Silverstone without her consent.

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Jim Carrey. Right: Will Smith.

Jim Carrey. Right: Will Smith.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

Jim Carrey recently weighed in on the drama at the 2022 Oscars between Will Smith and Chris Rock and it's caused the internet to dig up an old video of the Canadian actor engaging in questionable behaviour.

In case you somehow missed it, on Sunday, March 26, Smith slapped Rock during the live ceremony after the presenter made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head.

Carrey later gave an interview where he called Smith's act a "selfish moment," prompting someone on Twitter to share an old clip from the 1997 MTV Movie Awards where the actor appeared to kiss Alicia Silverstone without her consent.

"Says the guy who sexually assaulted Alicia Silverstone on stage," the person tweeted.

Neither Carrey nor Silverstone have commented on the video since it has resurfaced.

In a new interview with the Associated Press, the Canadian actor says he doesn't condemn Smith, but that he was "just wrong."

"I also think that people not unlike Will or myself, we live in a lot of pressure, we set up a lot of pressure for ourselves," he said.

Carrey said that it creates a situation that pushes people past their bandwidth which causes cracking under pressure.

Smith later issued a formal apology on Instagram, stating the joke about Jada's medical condition was too much for him to bear and he "reacted emotionally." The actress has been candid about her struggle with alopecia — a condition that causes hair loss.

But Carrey speculated it was more than that.

"It was more than just an insult to someone’s wife. Jada’s a tough girl. She can defend herself," Carrey said.

"What that was was someone who's beyond the bandwidth and in that moment he thought more about how he was looking in that moment than what was the right thing to do," he continued. "I don't condemn him for it. It's just wrong."

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, call the Assaulted Women's Helpline at 1-866-863-0511. You can also contact support services for male survivors of sexual assault at 1-866-887-0015. If you need immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. Support is available.

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