If Jimmy Fallon's June 7 show is any indication, he's probably a Sobey's guy.

The American late-night host runs a regular segment on his show called "Jimmy's Do Not Play List," and the latest segment featured Fallon making fun of the fake album produced by No Frills without realizing they're not an actual band.

Fallon and his sidekick Steve Higgins jokingly tore into the album, making fun of lines and ridiculing No Frills's claim that bananas are the most portable fruit.

But the grocery store wasn't going down without a fight, and they took to Twitter to promo their album (all press is good press, after all) and rebut Jimmy Fallon with the hashtag #SomeonesSpicy.

"Ok Jimmy Fallon... that cold pressed juice line was a bit extra," the No Frills account tweeted, "but bananas ARE the portable fruit 🍌."