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Justin Trudeau Got Riled Up About Anti-Vaxxers & Accused O'Toole Of 'Siding With Them'

The 2021 Federal Election campaign trail is heating up and Justin Trudeau is getting feisty.

At a recent campaign stop in Sudbury, Ontario, Trudeau took the opportunity to blast anti-vaxxers and condemn Erin O'Toole for his opposition to vaccine passports in Canada, making his feelings loudly known to those gathered.

"The folks out there tonight shouting, the anti-vaxxers, they're wrong! They're wrong about how we get through this pandemic," Trudeau said, gesturing behind him to where some protestors had presumably gathered. "They are putting at risk their own kids, and they're putting at risk our kids as well."

"Erin O'Toole is siding with them? Instead of with Canadians who did their part and stepped up?" Trudeau continued. "He's talking about personal choice. What about my choice to keep my kids safe?"

"Shame on you, Erin O'Toole," Trudeau said. "You need to condemn those people, you need to correct them, you need to use your voice and actually add it to those of us who understand that vaccinations are the way through this pandemic."

Earlier this week, O'Toole came to Trudeau's defense after a group of intense protestors forced the Prime Minister to cancel a campaign stop in Ontario.

"I strongly condemn any form of harassment and protest," O'Toole said, "the like that we've seen."

Trudeau and O'Toole have differed greatly in their views on mandatory vaccinations. Trudeau has mandated vaccinations in federally regulated industries and for travellers; O'Toole, however, opposes mandatory vaccinations and wants to implement rapid testing systems for workers.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

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