Trudeau Accidentally Roasted A Reporter At The G7 & Had To Backtrack Real Quick

"I might get in trouble for that!"

Justin Trudeau Just Roasted A Reporter At The G7 & It's So Yikes
Senior Editor

Ouch! Justin Trudeau's final news conference at the G7 summit ended with an awkward moment when he accidentally roasted a BBC News journalist.

Speaking at the end of the multi-day event on Sunday, June 13, the Canadian PM responded to a question about the lasting impacts of this year's summit.

"The impacts of this G7 will be felt long after the newspapers you write for will have been used to wrap fish," he said.

Appearing to realize his comment could be interpreted as an insult, he immediately backtracked by refusing to repeat the comment in French.

"Maybe I won't do the newspapers and fish thing, I might get in trouble for that!" he added.

He went on to note that he "respects" the press and "the work you all do in a very important way."

It's not the only totally awkward thing that's happened to the PM at the G7 summits over the years. He was once almost kissed by Melania Trump and even got accused of going for a "fake" jog. Eek!

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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