Trudeau Schooled Someone About Women Getting To Choose What Happens To Their Bodies (VIDEO)

The PM had a mic drop moment at the end of this conversation. 👀

​Justin Trudeau during a conversation with someone at the University of Manitoba.
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Justin Trudeau during a conversation with someone at the University of Manitoba.

Justin Trudeau got into a debate with someone who said that women should be able to choose what happens with their bodies.

It all happened during a visit to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg on April 12 and the prime minister seemed to slip into teacher mode when he schooled someone on campus.

In a video that was originally posted on Reddit by u/NoahFromCanada — then reshared in a tweet that got millions of views — Trudeau was among a crowd of people and speaking to someone who was recording him on their phone.

While it's unclear what led to this interaction because the video starts when their conversation is already underway, here's what went down.

The prime minister asked if they support the new dental care program that will help low-income families and the person said they're "not fully into it" but they know that they're against abortion.

"Put that aside for a second," the prime minister said. "You don't think low-income families should have access to dental care?"

"I think they should."

"You think they should? Well, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative party voted against that. So, already you see the party you support doesn't support it."

The person told Trudeau that they're more in line with the People's Party of Canada which led the prime minister to ask why they support that party.

"They're mostly Christian, I'm against the vaccine mandate —"

"They're mostly Christian," Trudeau said, cutting the person off. "So, you don't think we should be supporting Muslims?"

"I think we should support everyone," they answered.

Trudeau then asked if women should have the right to choose what happens to their bodies.

"I think if they're sleeping around they shouldn't be allowed to abort the baby, personally," they said.

"Wow," Trudeau responded with a shocked look on his face.

"I'm pro-choice," the person continued.

"Oh, wait," the prime minister said, looking a little excited. "Did you just say you're pro-choice?"

That caused the person to backtrack and clarify that they meant pro-life, not pro-choice.

"You're pro-life," Trudeau said. "So, you don't think women should be able to make choices on what they do with their bodies?"

"With abortion, no. Personally, no."

"Why not?"

"Because it was their choice to sleep around —"

Trudeau cut them off and asked if they think a woman should be able to get an abortion if she was raped.

"That's where it gets complicated," they said.

"No, no. It doesn't get complicated. It's either yes or no," Trudeau said.

When the person said that it was a hyperspecific example, the prime minister refuted their point.

"It's an all too common example. Women get raped all the time and it's something we have to take seriously," he said.

So, he asked the same question again and the person said they feel 50-50 about abortion in that situation.

Then, Trudeau said, "You are not in favour of saying yes, a woman who was raped should be able to choose to not bear that child?"

"Uh, I honestly don't know," the person responded.

"It sounds like you need to do a little more thinking and a little more praying on it as well," Trudeau said, with a bit of a smug smile.

He then clapped the person on the shoulder and walked away.

People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier responded to the tweet that reshared the video of Trudeau's conversation.

"Justin, don't pick on my supporters! If you want to debate me, any time, I'm there," he said in his tweet.

He also shared a video to address Trudeau directly and called him out for what he claimed the prime minister did to Canadians with lockdowns, vaccine passports, stay-at-home orders and "COVID hysteria."

"We are for common sense and more freedom," Bernier said about his political party.

The post on Reddit that shared the video of Trudeau's debate has gotten more than a thousand comments.

"Kid filmed himself getting embarrassed," one person said.

Another person mentioned that this conversation was "the most human" they have seen Trudeau in years.

"Absolutely makes this clown look like a clown," they continued.

"He's against the choice of having to be forced to get a vaccine but wants to force women to have to keep a child the logic here is f*cked," someone said.

Somebody else commented that the person debating with Trudeau made the prime minister look like he was "a masterful, level-headed debater."

At the same time, they made People's Party of Canada supporters look like "bigoted, intolerant" people, that person continued.

Just a few months before this conversation went down at the University of Manitoba, the prime minister had another heated interaction with someone who didn't agree with him.

Trudeau called out a heckler who was shouting expletives at him while he was giving a speech at a rally being held in Toronto in support of Ukraine.

The PM even got boisterous applause and cheers from the people who were gathered at the vigil.

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