Justin Trudeau Stopped His Speech At A Rally For Ukraine To Yell At A Heckler & He Got Applause

"Why don't you settle down?"

​Justin Trudeau at a vigil for Ukraine in Toronto. Right: People holding up Ukrainian flags and a sign that says "Canada supports Ukraine."
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Justin Trudeau at a vigil for Ukraine in Toronto. Right: People holding up Ukrainian flags and a sign that says "Canada supports Ukraine."

Justin Trudeau stopped his speech at a rally for Ukraine because of a heckler shouting "f*ck Trudeau" and he yelled at the person.

On February 24, 2023, the prime minister attended a vigil in Toronto to mark the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and mourn the lives lost as a result of the war.

He was one of many who were addressing the people gathered at Nathan Phillips Square and as he came up to the podium, someone started shouting "f*ck Trudeau," "f*ck you," and "f*ck you, Justin."

For a few minutes he gave his speech with the person screaming expletives but he eventually stopped to call out their behaviour.

"A year ago today, Ukrainians woke up to the horror of war," Trudeau started but then paused.

"Hey sir," he said, pointing at the person. "I think Ukrainians could tell you a little bit about freedom and liberty, so why don't you settle down?"

That caused the crowd who were gathered at the vigil to applaud and cheer over the person shouting.

"This is a night for them, not for you. This is a night for Ukrainians, not for you," Trudeau continued.

"If you want to stand and cheer for Ukraine, do that. If you want to wave that Ukrainian flag, please do," he said. "But let people celebrate that Ukraine is still standing and Canada stands with it."

Trudeau then continued his speech as the person kept screaming "f*ck Trudeau" and "f*ck you" at him.

People in the crowd then told the person to stop, that this wasn't the place for their remarks and that they should go somewhere else.

While the person didn't stop throughout the rest of Trudeau's speech, the prime minister didn't address the heckler again.

"We are all inspired by the courage and tenacity of those who stayed behind to defend Ukraine," Trudeau said later on in his speech.

He also shared how Canada is supporting Ukraine by resettling Ukrainians fleeing the war, training soldiers and sending military equipment.

"When Vladimir Putin launched his war of aggression, he thought it'd be over in a few days but he underestimated the courage and strength of Ukrainians," Trudeau said.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Toronto Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie were also in attendance at the rally marking one year of the war.

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