Canadians Apparently Don't Know Justin Trudeau's Salary So Here's How Much Money He Makes As PM

It's six times higher than the average income in Canada. 💰

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Justin Trudeau sitting at a table with a Canada sign behind him. Right: Pile of Canadian money.

Justin Trudeau sitting at a table with a Canada sign behind him. Right: Pile of Canadian money.

If you've ever wondered what Justin Trudeau's salary is, here's a breakdown of how much money he makes for being Canada's prime minister.

As it turns out, a new Research Co. poll released in March 2023 found that fewer than 1 in 5 Canadians actually know the prime minister's yearly salary.

A majority of people, 42%, thought that the country's top elected official makes less than $301,000 each year, and 24% thought Trudeau earns more than $400,000 a year.

Only 18% of Canadians surveyed were able to correctly say that Trudeau's salary is between $301,000 and $400,000.

When respondents were told that the prime minister of Canada gets an annual salary of $379,000, 41% said it's "too much," while 47% said it's "about right."

Members of the House of Commons, also known as MPs, get a basic salary of $189,500, which is paid out monthly.

Also, members who are in certain offices or positions get additional payments, including the prime minister, cabinet ministers, leaders of opposition parties and more, according to the House of Commons.

The Parliament of Canada publishes salaries and allowances for Senate and House of Commons employees like the prime minister each year so you can see what public officials earn.

On top of the MP salary, Trudeau also gets an additional annual salary of $189,500 that's paid monthly, plus a car allowance of $2,000 for being Canada's prime minister.

That means he makes $379,000 a year without the car allowance and $381,000 with it.

In comparison, the leader of the opposition and ministers in the House of Commons get an additional $90,400 salary, while other party leaders get $64,100 on top of their MP salary.

According to data from Statistics Canada, the average weekly wage rate of pay for both full and part-time employees was $1,212.58 in February 2023.

That works out to an average salary in Canada of $63,054.16 if a person works for 52 weeks a year.

So, Trudeau's combined income that he gets from being an MP and the prime minister is six times greater than Canada's average salary.

Recently, Indeed reported that the top industries in Canada with the highest average annual salaries are mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction, utilities, finance and insurance, professional, scientific and technical services, and public administration.

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