Keanu Reeves Once Described His 'Perfect Day' & It Involves So Much Sex (VIDEO)

"That's a pretty good day." 👀

Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves.

If you needed another reason to love Keanu Reeves, the actor's answer to what his ideal day looks like is hilariously candid and somehow very wholesome.

During a press interview while promoting the 2013 film 47 Ronin, the Canadian was asked what he likes to do when he's not working, and he did not hold back.

"Hopefully, you know, you've finished a great job, you've done some great work," he said of his perfect day. "You're coming home. You see some friends and family."

And then he got a little spicy.

"Hopefully, you're in a relationship, you have some morning sex, eat a great breakfast, go for a motorcycle ride," Reeves explained.

After he comes back from the motorcycle ride, it's apparently time for round two.

"Swim, have more sex," he continued. "Eat some more. Hang out for a little bit, maybe do some reading."

After that, it's time to see a movie and then "have more sex," which puts the actor at round three for the day.

To finish off the day, Reeves says he'd go to a bar and have some drinks with friends.

And then?

"Get home, hang out a little bit, have more sex," he said, which is round four for those keeping track. "That's a pretty good day."

It certainly sounds like it!

After listing out the events of his perfect day, his interviewer simply said, "I love your life."

"I'm not saying I get that," Reeves shared. "But, you know, I could hope for that."

Honestly, Keanu, likely a lot of people hope for that kind of day.

Never change, sir!

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Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.