A family in Kelowna, B.C. is coming forward after a massive TikTok bill has put them in the hole for thousands of dollars.

The family spoke with Castanet, asking to remain anonymous for the sake of their 13-year-old daughter's privacy. Though, they reportedly wanted to come forward to warn other parents about their predicament. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, both parents were deemed essential workers and continued to go to work while their daughter stayed home. Weeks later, the mother's credit card bill showed up and, let us tell you, it was a big one. 

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$12,000 On Apple purchases 

The daughter reportedly admitted she had been buying digital currency on TikTok which is used to buy likes and follows on the social media platform. 

According to Castanet, TikTok, Apple, and Mastercard each blamed the other when they were contacted by the family. 

"We are looking into this situation and will work with the family to see that these charges are removed," TikTok told Castanet. 

The parents acknowledge that they could have been more careful with their parental controls on their daughter's devices. 

They warn other parents to wait until their kids are old enough to understand the dangers and consequences.