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TikTok’s Viral ‘Dry-Scooping’ Trend Reportedly Caused An Influencer To Have A Heart Attack

In recent months, a new trend called "dry-scooping" has emerged on TikTok and health experts are reportedly deeming it to be quite dangerous.

"Dry-scooping" is when you eat a scoop of pre-workout powder without liquid. It's typically supposed to be diluted in water. These types of powders contain energy-inducing supplements such as amino acids, B vitamins, caffeine and creatine.



People on TikTok have been eating the powder directly from the scoop and, according to the New York Post, one American TikToker suffered a heart attack as a result.

Briatney Portillo is 20 years old and is known for having a huge audience on OnlyFans. She went into cardiac arrest after trying the trend back in April.

She shared her story on Tiktok and the posts went completely viral. Experts told Women's Health Magazine that this trend is super dangerous and that people should be connecting with their doctors before taking any TikTok wellness advice.

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