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Canada's East Coast Got Slammed With Over 50 cm Of Snow & Even More Is On The Way

Looks like winter is here.
Canada's East Coast Got Slammed With Over 50 cm Of Snow & Even More Is On The Way

Canada's Atlantic region is facing down another bout of brutal winter weather, as a Labrador snowstorm covers parts of the province with the white stuff.

The Weather Network reports that some areas have already seen over 50 centimetres, with more on the way into Tuesday evening.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay has been hit particularly hard and is forecast to get more snow than some cities see in an entire year, according to meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

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The area already got piled up with 55 centimetres overnight, with the snow falling at a rate of five to 10 centimetres an hour.

As the rate of snowfall began to drop, wind gusts picked up to anywhere from 80 to 90 kilometres an hour.

Environment Canada issued blizzard warnings for more central areas of Labrador.

They warn that this could lead to severely reduced visibility, and that travel is not recommended at this time.

The province appears to be bookending 2020 with severe winter weather, as St. John's was buried under snow in January.

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