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I Tried All Of McDonald's Canada's Donuts To Find The Best One & This Is My Honest Opinion

With a new flavour added to McDonald's Li'l Donuts menu, it seemed like the perfect time to put them to the test. 

I tried all six selections and ranked them from my least to most favourite. This is my honest opinion

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6. Strawberry Jelly Donut

Right off the bat, this donut didn't look quite as polished as the others.

The powder on top was patchy and super messy. It was tricky to even pick it up without getting white icing sugar everywhere.

As for the taste, the jelly inside was good and didn't seem artificial, however, this one takes the last place as I got a couple of bites without filling that were super dry.

5. Maple Caramel 

Unlike similar products at other fast food donut shops, the little stripes on top of this one give it a bit of an elevated look.

The donut has a strong, almost artificial, maple smell, but the taste doesn't really come through. That being said, it is super sweet.

The filling in this treat is very sugary, almost to an unpleasant point, but at least it is well-positioned throughout the donut.

4. Sprinkle 

This donut is a classic but gets a middle-of-the-road ranking simply because it's not that exciting.

Looks-wise, this little guy is cute and colourful. The topping is more of a fondant than an icing and the sprinkles are very soft too, so there isn't a lot of crunch.

They taste exactly as you would expect, not too sweet, but also there's not distinct flavour to them. Good, but simple.

3. Apple Fritter

Unlike the other donuts, this one is glazed and the icing had hardened a bit, making it crunchy.

In terms of flavour, though, there was a definite apple taste and a good balance of spices, which came through as well.

What was slightly off-putting was when I found a whole inch-long piece of green apple peel inside the donut. I'm not sure if this was intentional, as it made for a weird texture, but it did show that real apples are used in this product.

2. Boston Cream 

Like the maple donut, this one had extra striped details on top, which gave some more visual interest.

I was greeted by filling on the first bite, which is always a plus for me. The donut part itself is dense but the cream inside kept it moist.

There wasn't a lot of chocolate flavour, but it did add some richness to the donut. Overall, the flavour was balanced and delightful.

1. Cinnamon & Cream

In first place comes the new kid on the block. This donut is the latest addition to the lineup and it was worth the wait.

The look is fun, with some kind of crumble on top that adds a nice crunch to each bite.

There's a slight cinnamon scent, although it doesn't come through in the taste a lot. That being said, the flavour is well balanced and the cream filling isn't overly sweet.

This one is delightful and delicious.

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