Canadians report eating a lot more junk food over the pandemic, according to a recent survey. After reviewing its results, the nation's top doctor is now worried about our mental health. Dr. Theresa Tam is urging people to make healthier choices and to seek out mental health resources if we need it.

Canada's chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, said she's "concerned" about Canadians' mental health in a statement from Sunday, June 7, as well as poor quarantine diets.

Citing a survey by Statistics Canada, Tam said there has been an alarming increase in the "consumption of alcohol and junk food or sweets" since the start of the pandemic. Plus, one in five Canadians reported feeling "moderate to severe anxiety."

Almost a fifth of Canadians said they've been drinking more alcohol, and 35% say they've been eating more junk food. The same survey says that younger people between 15 to 24 reported more symptoms of anxiety than older age groups.

"Canadians should be actively looking for safe ways to socialize, engage in physical activity and make healthy choices," Tam said.

"This can include virtual calls with friends and family, at-home or outdoor workouts, healthy food choices and if needed, seeking virtual mental health resources."

Canada's increase in booze drinking is well known to local authorities — it's actually one of the reasons why Vancouver shot down requests to drink on public parks and beaches.

As for our heightened love for junk food and sweets, just look at the response when cool ranch Doritos disappeared from shelves. Or the wave of excitement after tiramisu Oreos hit stores.


There are a ton of free mental health resources in Canada, and more depending on your province and workplace.

What's more, most are online and many are completely free.

So even though those ketchup chips taste delicious, they might make you feel a lot worse in the long run, and Dr. Tam is worried about you.

Maybe you should eat a salad tonight, just to make her happy.