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DJ Khaled and Kodak Black in a video on Instagram. Right: Kodak Black at Story Miami.

DJ Khaled and Kodak Black in a video on Instagram. Right: Kodak Black at Story Miami.

Kodak Black deactivated his Instagram in early August after he was arrested on drug charges in mid-July. However, he brought his social media account back, but something was different this time around.

He deleted all multimedia and started fresh. The rapper currently has six posts up at the time of this article's publication and many of them are with beloved Miami producer, DJ Khaled.

The Florida rap star is featured in a new collab with the record executive called "It Ain't Safe". On Friday, he put up a video of the two of them announcing the song that was released that day.

On Saturday, Kodak was at STORY nightclub in Miami, performing, though he didn't publicize it on his timeline. Instead, he published another 'gram of an audio clip of the song. The thumbnail was the DJ's album cover, God Did.

In the most recent post on his page, he shows someone driving him in a car, which might be a cautionary measure. When Kodak Black was arrested, he was originally stopped for a traffic stop and dark window tints when the cops realized he had an expired license and registration.

After his arrest, he roasted the cops online, though you can't find the photos anymore because he not only deleted them on his Instagram, he also deleted his Twitter.

He used to tweet how upset he was about the incident, saying that he was being "racially profiled" and that he should be able to "move freely" without "getting arrested for expired tag and dark windows".

Aside from his career, he's been trying to give back to the community. His attorney told Local10 News that he's giving away thousands of cases of water to Haiti.

We have yet to see a photo of that, as we scroll through our feeds.

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