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Minimum Wage Went Up In 4 Provinces Recently & Here’s Who’s Getting Paid The Least Now

There's a $4.25 per hour difference between Canada's highest and lowest minimum wage.💰👇

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Minimum Wage Went Up In 4 Provinces Recently & Here’s Who’s Getting Paid The Least Now

On October 1, 2021, the minimum wage in four of Canada's provinces increased, allowing some employees to earn more money for every hour worked. Despite the bumps, there's still a $4.25 difference between the country's highest and lowest minimum wage.

In Saskatchewan, eligible employees benefited from a 36 cents increase per hour this week, as the province's minimum wage jumped from $11.45 to $11.81 per hour.

Prior to October 1, the region had the lowest minimum wage in all of Canada. However, following the hourly increase, it's now New Brunswick that has the lowest legal rates. Here, workers get paid a minimum of $11.75 per hour.

In line with the inflation rate, Manitoba's minimum wage also rose from $11.90 to $11.95 per hour. The jump applies equally to all employees in the region, "regardless of age or the number of hours they work."

Employees in Newfoundland and Labrador had a small pay raise as of October 1 too, as the minimum wage climbed from $12.50 to $12.75 per hour.

Similarly, Ontarians earning minimum wage are now getting paid the higher rate of $14.35 per hour and a 10-cent raise was also applied to the student minimum wage, liquor servers' minimum wage and the homeworkers wage.

Despite all of these increases, most province's lowest rates don't come close to Nunavut's minimum wage. Here, employees earn at least $16 per hour — that's $4.25 more every hour than minimum wage workers in New Brunswick.

However, it's worth keeping in mind that the cost of living may be higher in some places and groceries in Nunavut can be ridiculously expensive in certain areas.

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    Helena Hanson
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