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The Montreal Canadiens Were Named 'Canada's Team' & Fans Could Not Disagree More

Canada's official Twitter account is causing some hockey controversy.

Canada's official Twitter sent a controversial tweet and said that the Montreal Canadiens are "Canada's team," and it's pissed a lot of people off.

Before the Habs started their playoff series again the Vegas Golden Knights on June 14, the country's account posted a tweet in support of the Canadiens. "Good luck to Canada's team," it said. "All of Canada is behind you."

A lot of people replied to the tweet to voice their disagreement with the claims made about the Canadiens being "Canada's team" and having the support of the entire country. "They are not Canada's team. Please stop," someone tweeted.

"Please refund me whatever taxes went to this tweet," one person said.

"'All of Canada is behind you,' Yeah, only if there's a cliff in front [of] you," another person tweeted, along with a gif from the movie 300 of a character getting kicked off a ledge.

Even a Habs fan disagreed with Canada's tweet. "This is factually untrue," they said. "Most of Canada wants us to lose."