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Habs Fans Got Super Messy Celebrating The Series Win & Police Had Their Hands Full

If you heard cheering last night, chances are it was from Quebec. The Montreal Canadiens beat the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday, June 24, to make the Stanley Cup Finals, and fans did not hold back when celebrating.

Thousands of people gathered outside of the Bell Centre in Montreal to support Canada's team (depending on who you ask), but things got pretty intense as the night wore on and celebrations ramped up.

Montreal police (SVPM) said they had been planning for the crowds for several days, but they were still kept busy throughout the night.

The SVPM said 15 people were arrested in the celebrations after the game — which was also on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, a holiday in Quebec. Police said the arrests were for assault, obstruction and armed assault on police, and they also reported multiple instances of people damaging and flipping police cars.


The crowd outside the arena even got so bad that people inside the Bell Centre were put into lockdown because of the "dangerous" scene in the streets, according to TVA reporter Renaud Lavoie.


In the streets, fireworks were set off, beers were shotgunned, and the night ended with police using tear gas to break up the fans, according to multiplereports from the scene.


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