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Justin Trudeau & Joe Biden Have Agreed To 'A Friendly Wager' For The Stanley Cup Final

Biden called Trudeau his "pal!"

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Stanley Cup Final Is Being Bet On By Justin Trudeau & Joe Biden

Possible bromance alert! The leaders of Canada and the U.S. are facing off in a bet on the Stanley Cup final between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Since there's a Canadian and American team in the playoff series, Justin Trudeau put out a tweet during Game 1 asking Joe Biden to take part in "a friendly wager."

Biden responded just a couple of minutes later and said, "You're on pal," before adding "#GoBolts."

There are no details yet on what the two leaders will do if the opposing team wins, but inspiration could be drawn from other playoff series bets this year — like the ones made when the Toronto Maple Leafs played the Canadiens.

The mayors of Toronto and Montreal wagered donations to charity, raising the winning team's flag in the losing city and the losing mayor sending a sandwich with local craft beer to the winning mayor.

When the Leafs lost, Ontario Premier Doug Ford had to wear a Habs jersey as part of a bet with Quebec Premier François Legault.

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