Justin Trudeau threw some shade at the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday morning, stating that their chances of winning the Stanley Cup this year are "unthinkable."

In an interview with CP24, the prime minister jokingly mocked Toronto fans, saying that he admires their ability to always be able to cling onto hope for their team.

"As a Habs fan, I'm kind of in admiration of Toronto fans who continue to cling to hopes every year, year in and year out, it's impressive to see," Trudeau told CP24. "If the unthinkable does happen and we're all wonderfully surprised to see the Leafs in the Stanley Cup finals, I know there will be ways to make sure that everyone gets to watch."

The leader also revealed where the federal government stands on letting the Toronto team do playoffs on home soil this year.

"I can tell you that one of the things that will make that decision easier if it comes, is for everyone to get vaccinated and for the cases to be driven down in those coming weeks," he stated. "More than 75% of Canadians need to get vaccinated, that's how we get back to normal, which I'm not going to say normal includes the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup, but it does mean we're moving in the right direction."