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Maple Leafs Broke The Record For Longest Stanley Cup Drought

Sorry, Leafs fans. If you thought the heartbreaking Game 7 loss to the Canadiens was the last time you'd be hurt this year, think again.

Saturday, July 3, marks 19,787 days since Toronto last won the playoffs, which means that the record for longest Stanley Cup drought — the most amount of time since an NHL team has existed and not won the cup — is now officially held by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Leafs will hold the record for at least another year after their series loss to the Montreal Canadiens, despite a home crowd in Game 7.

The record was previously held by the New York Rangers, who didn't win a cup between 1940 and 1994. The Leafs last won the cup in 1967 — 54 years ago.

"I'd like to thank the owners, front offices, players and all others who made this possible," one Leafs fan with a good sense of humour wrote on Reddit in response. "Championship records do not get broken very often but when they do, it's a special moment. As a fan, I'm so excited to finally win something and make championship history."

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