More Canadians Are Set To Join The Marvel Universe With Movies Coming Out Soon

It's our time to shine! It looks like Marvel Studios has been eyeing the True North and recruiting some major talent here once again. The latest addition is the new Ms. Marvel.  

Canadians sometimes forget that some of our favourite Marvel characters are actually from Canada.

This includes Alberta native Evangeline Lilly, who appeared in many Marvel films such as Ant-Man and most recently, Avengers: End Game as Hope van Dyne.

Let's not forget Ontarian Emily VanCamp, best known for her role in the Captain America franchise as Sharon Carter.

And finally, Vancouverite Cobie Smulders who played Maria Hill in the MCU and has made appearances in many of the Avengers films as well as Spiderman: Far From Home film.

Well, even more Canadians are set to join the Marvel Universe family and fandom.

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Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel 

Marvel's newest Canadian actor to join the ranks is Iman Vellani, from Markham, Ontario.

The teenager will take on the role of Ms. Marvel in an upcoming Disney Plus series.

Vellani will play Kamala Khan, a Muslim teen whos powers include shapeshifting. 

This will be her first-ever role.

Despite Disney not confirming the news, G. Willow Wilson, the creator of Ms. Marvel and the comic writer took to Twitter to spill the tea.

She sent a shout-out to the young actress and calling her "the real deal."

Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk

The Orphan Black star and Saskatchewan native is not new to the acting scene but has taken her career to a new level by snagging the role of Jennifer Walters in Marvel's She-Hulk.

While Disney has also not confirmed the casting, Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, congratulated the actress on her new role and passed the baton in an adorable Twitter shout-out.

In this comic, the character Jennifer Walters apparently gains her powers from a blood transfusion thanks to her cousin Bruce Banner since no other donors with her blood type were available.

His blood, combined with her anger, transformed the character into a green-skinned She-Hulk.

Simu Liu as Shang-Chi in the Legend of the Ten Rings

Canadian Simu Liu will play Shang-Chi in the Legend of the Ten Rings.

The Chinese-Canadian actor is known for playing Jung Kim in the award-winning CBC Television sitcom Kim's Convenience

However, his Marvel film was postponed until July 2021, joining the wave of films that have been pushed back including Black Widow that is now scheduled to release on May 7, 2021.