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Simu Liu Reveals What Toronto Restos He Craves Most Whenever He’s In Town

Toronto's own Simu Liu, the star of Marvel's new movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, is generating all kinds of buzz after the film smashed box office records this past weekend. So in honour of the big premiere, Narcity spoke with him about the real pressing questions — like where he likes to eat when he's in town.

Liu was raised in Mississauga, and when he's not off filming in Australia, channelling his inner superhero for Marvel or throwing an epic first pitch at a Giants-Dodgers game, the former Kim's Convenience star said he loves to frequent a few unexpected spots in the 6ix.

"Fishman Lobster Clubhouse, I don't know if you've ever heard of it. I don't know if you've been there. That's the restaurant with the lobster towers. You know? Absolutely delicious. So I got to do that," he said.

Like a true Torontonian, Liu said he was missing his poutine and gave a shout-out to Smoke's Poutinerie, which he credited as another favourite go-to spot in the city.

"You know, poutine in general. You know, people love Smoke's. I'm a fan of Smoke's. I actually love food-truck, or like, chip-truck poutine. I think that's the best poutine I've ever had," he said. "Nice chunky cheese curds, big like warm, hot, smoking, piping, hot gravy, just, you know, drizzled over the whole thing, I missed that so much whenever I'm not in Canada."

And of course, he especially missed his mom's cooking.

"My mom's dumplings, she makes the best dumplings in the world," he said. "Can't get them anywhere else, unfortunately, don't have the talent to make it myself."

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