Meet The Guy Who Bought Narcity's First NFT & Find Out His Incredible Celebrity Connection

Talent obviously runs in the family!

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Narcity's First NFT By Camyl Buenaventura Sold To M.I.A.'s Relative

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People like Neil Armstrong and Henry Dunant know how cool it is to be the first person to do something.

Now, Toronto's Selian Easwaralingam joins the club, as he's the first person to buy one of our NFTs.

Easwaralingam, a 31-year-old realtor born and raised in Toronto, told Narcity in an email that this was his first time throwing his hat in the ring.

"I felt inclined to take a gamble on [NFTs] as it is becoming quite a popular trend," he said.

Camyl Buenaventura's NFT titled "The Six Bloom" sold for $1,384.24 and Easwaralingam explains he's banking on Buenaventura being big in the future so the value will increase tenfold.

It's no surprise that Easwaralingam gravitates towards artists since he has an award-winning rapper in his family. He told Narcity that Mathangi Arulpragasam a.k.a. M.I.A. is his mom's cousin (his first cousin, once removed).

When asked if he's ever going to buy more NFTs, the realtor doesn't miss a beat.

"We don't know where the trend will go, but I want to buy more NFTs in the future!" he said. "I wish I could have bid on one of Kyle Lowry's NFTs."

And, fingers crossed, with more NFT purchases comes more local recognition.

Having spent six years in the real estate industry, Easwaralingam hopes this kind of coverage will connect him to more Torontoanians who are looking to buy their first home.

Want to be like Easwaralingam and own a unique piece of digital art, too?

You have until Wednesday at midnight EST to bid on our second NFT from Vancouver artist Dan Gaud. May the odds be ever in your favour.

To learn more about our NFT collection, visit our website.

Natalia Buia
Senior Editor, Studio
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