Netflix Shared The Codes For Its 'Secret Menu' Categories & They Have So Many Hidden Gems

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Ryan Reynolds in "The Adam Project." Middle: Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey in "Bridgerton." Right: Millie Bobby Brown in "Stranger Things."
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Ryan Reynolds in "The Adam Project." Middle: Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey in "Bridgerton." Right: Millie Bobby Brown in "Stranger Things."

Doane Gregory | Netflix, Liam Daniel | Netflix, Netflix

You've probably heard that Netflix has secret categories rounding up some of the best niches in movies and TV, but do you actually know how to use them?

The streamer recently released a bunch of codes from its "secret menu" online, and many of the categories are way better than what you'll find while endlessly scrolling through the app.

Netflix says the secret lists go back to the earliest days of the company, when it was still sending people DVDs by mail. The company's internal codes leaked online and it's embraced the model ever since, with staff often adding new lists and updating old ones.

To use the feature, all you have to do is type "" into your browser, and you'll go straight to the secret list for that category.

The categories are super honest and focused on the vibe you're looking for, with titles like "90-Minute Movies," "Spicy Romance," "Small-Town Charm" and "Take A Trip Around The World."

Here are some of the coolest secret categories on Netflix to suit any mood.

Spooky Netflix movies and shows

In the mood for something creepy, or just planning a Halloween watch party?

Consider giving these codes a try.

Cosy Netflix movies and shows

For when you just want to feel good and comfy.

Short Netflix movies and shows

Sometimes you want to watch a good movie but you don't want to commit to two-plus hours if it's not going to be good.

That's where these categories come in. With these Netflix lists, you can find a short movie to watch, an approachable comedy to fill your lunch break or a TV series that you can burn through in a single sitting before moving on with your day.

Crime and thrillers on Netflix

Whether you're into true crime stories, fictional detectives or real-life scammers, there's a category here for you.

Romance shows and movies on Netflix

Perfect for a date night!

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