A tragic incident at a walk-in clinic in Red Deer, Alberta has prompted an active homicide investigation. On Monday, August 10, a Red Deer doctor was murdered at a doctor's office at Village Mall. Red Deer RCMP has confirmed that they have someone in custody in connection to the murder. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes excessive violence.

A doctor who was working at a local walk-in clinic in Red Deer was attacked by a male suspect in the exam room. The injuries sustained during the attack turned out to be life-threatening and the male doctor passed away as a result. 

Narcity received a press statement from Red Deer RCMP Superintendent Gerald Grobmeier, who said that the police were notified about an assault in progress at around 11 a.m. on Monday. 

"Red Deer RCMP arrived on scene immediately and arrested the male suspect shortly thereafter," said the police. 

Police aren't releasing either the suspect or the victim's name as the investigation is still ongoing. Grobmeier also wouldn't disclose whether the attack was targetted and which weapon was used. 

The police superintendent also said that the police were able to respond to the 911 call within two to three minutes. They were able to arrest the suspect within five minutes of being at the scene. 

"This was an extremely quick response time and likely prevented further tragedy," said Grobmeier. 

While confronting the suspect, a police officer was reportedly "hit with a blunt weapon."

They suffered minor non-life-threatening injuries and then went on to disarm and take the suspect into custody without further incident. 

Witness Anina Mullin told CBC News that she was at the clinic with her daughter when she heard someone shout "help me, help me," from the exam room. 

A receptionist then begged for help from those in the waiting room. Two male patients at the clinic tried to enter the room but were locked out by the suspect. 

While Anina ran out of the clinic with her daughter in tow, the two men blocked the doors to trap the suspect inside, according to CBC News. 

Mullin said that when police and first responders arrived at the scene, the suspect threw a bloody hammer at them. The police reportedly asked the suspect to put a machete down as well.

After apprehending the suspect, Mullin described him as a "huge" man, wearing a grey hoodie and baggie pants. 

The police said they will have more details to share in the coming days. 

Premier Jason Kenney said on Twitter that he is "Saddened to learn of this horrendous and fatal attack on a Red Deer doctor. Can't imagine the pain and sorrow his family and clinic staff are now going through." 

The article's cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only. 

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