It was the worst night of his week, according to a black bus driver from Vancouver. Ramgoat Buckaman is at the centre of a Translink noose investigation after a rope was seen on his bus. The driver says he was also told to hang himself. 

In a post on Facebook, the driver who works with Coast Mountain Bus Company shared a photo of what appears to be a noose on a city bus. He also goes into detail about what he experienced the night he found it. 

"Last night I saw what appeared to be a noose on my bus, but being how things and times are at the moment, I didn’t really think anything of it and carried on accordingly as I didn't want to make a scene over what could've just been a misunderstanding," he wrote. 

However, a few minutes later Buckman says a passenger who had just gotten on pointed out the noose and said it was perfect for hanging.

"I instantly panicked as I didn’t know what the outcome of such outburst was gonna be. He further said, I THINK YOU SHOULD HANG YOURSELF WITH IT AT THE END OF YOUR NIGHT...I WOULD UNDERSTAND IF YOU HANG YOURSELF!" the driver wrote. 

Buckaman goes onto say "I froze, I literally froze, my heart sank, eyes popped open, Heart was racing and I was sweating profusely...all while driving across Granville bridge! The bus got quiet, and absolutely no one said anything, it's like nothing had happened."

The incident is now being investigated by transit police, according to reports by CTV News

In a statement to the news outlet, Translink said "we are aware of a deeply concerning incident involving one of our bus operators. Coast Mountain Bus Company and Transit Police are now investigating. Racism has absolutely no place in our transit system and should not be tolerated under any circumstance." 

This isn't the only instance of a noose being found in Canada recently. 

In Toronto an investigation is ongoing after the ropes have been found at multiple construction sites in the area. 

Cover photo used for illustrative purposes.

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